Pooyan Behnamghader

Pooyan is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California. He works in the Center for Systems and Software Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Barry Boehm. Before joining Dr. Boehm's group, he was a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Nenad Medvidovic.

His major areas of interest are:

  • Software Repository Mining, Software Evolution Analysis
  • Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing

He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Tehran under the supervision of Dr. Fatemeh Ghassemi in June 2013. He was a visiting PhD student in Software Architecture and Evolution Lab, led by Dr. Harald Gall, at the University of Zurich for the summer of 2015. In addition, He worked as a research assistant intern in the School of Computer and Communication at EPFL under the supervision of Dr. Claude Petitpierre in summer 2012.

Pooyan has some startup experiences. He co-founded Ambermelon Smart Watch (2015-2016) and Huntus Sharing Economy Platform (2015); and he worked with Basir Tech (2007).

You can find his resume at this LINK.
You can contact him at pbehnamg@usc.edu or check contact for further information.

(Updated September 2018)